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What makes Nutramealrx so special?
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It’s not just special; it’s innovative. Where innovativeness meets daily needs, Nutramealrx made it a point to provide our consumers with their daily nutrients without compromising their fast-paced lifestyle. Nutramealrx was created to help the modern man and woman achieve their daily nutritional goals without missing their need to take care of their health.

  • Nutramealrx is a breakthrough meal replacement beverage developed for the sole purpose of meeting the nutritional demands of the body. This delicious meal replacement was developed by a team of specialists lead by Dr. Doran Michael Duke MD using the principals of energy intake and expenditure to develop a product that supplies balance without overlooking taste.
  • Nutramealrx is a nutritious balanced meal replacement with active ingredients such as whey protein, energy-boosting carbs, ginseng, and essential micronutrients. These ingredients are blended to provide a delicious shake that can be enjoyed while replenishing the body with 125 calories.
  • Through understanding human behaviors supported by multiple clinical studies we at Nutramealrx knows that individuals who use meal replacements lose on average 2.5 kg more than those consuming conventional food. The lack of appreciation for portion-controlled food is the reason why many individuals over-consume and purchase calorie-dense food with little nutritional value.

Now is time to take back control of eating and give your body what it needs to be a better you. We believe “nutrition should never be compromised”.